Jerry Chen

Ber(zer)kely-Educated Rocket Scientist Goes MLM?
What’s Going On?

Well, it was 1993 when…

I came to the US from the tiny island of Taiwan at the age of 16 as a broke immigrant barely speaking 2nd grade level English…

It was a constant struggle.

I remember not knowing how to pronounce the food I wanted to order at restaurants, barely keeping my bladder from bursting because I was too embarassed to ask where the restroom was with my broken English and terrible accent.  Alright… maybe you didn’t’ have to know that.

Going against the odds, I graduate in the top 1% of my high school class and worked feverishly to master the English language.

I eventually earned a degree from UC Berkeley and a professional certification from California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech) in Engineering.  I know a thing or two about working hard and attribute whatever accomplishments I may have in business to my high school and college years as a young immigrant trying to survive in a challenging environment.

The journey to gaining confidence and living a life in a new country taught him two important lessons to network marketing success:

  1. No one in this world succeeds without help from others
  2. Learning and applying knowledge exactly as instructed yields the same results almost ALL of the time

How I discovered network marketing and Internet marketing… (and I’m truly curious about how YOU discovered it!)

A few years ago, while starting out in as an aerospace engineer, I was approached by a complete stranger about an ‘opportunity’ and began my journey into the world of network marketing.  I did my due diligence researching extensively for 2 weeks, about 3 hours each day, and even went so far to call the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), not once, but twice… to make sure that I was getting into a legitimate businesss.

After 2 years of studying and applying the knowledge I learned from my uplines, I had the good fortune to personally become very proficient at building communities of people, using ONLY old-school methods… pitching to friends & family, 3-foot rule, prospecting strangers in Barnes & Noble, the works.  I ended up making decent money, but it was so much like a second JOB.

Upon reaching the top of the compensation schedule of my company at the time, the very challenge of not being able to ‘duplicate’ myself FRUSTRATED the heck out of me, and none of my uplines had better strategies… so I turned to the Internet searching for some answers.  And that was when another complete stranger, Mike Dillard, entered my life. The rest, as they say, is history.

Magnetic Sponsoring opened my eyes to the Internet Marketing scene and led me to a group of new mentors & friends, such asFernando CeballosRaymond FongMike Dillard himselfJody ColvardDeclan Dunn and Michael Koenigs to name a few!

I now devote my attention to helping those that are willing learn essential marketing skills that will sustain them financially throughany business opportunity. These skills have been gained through my personal investmen of over $17,800 on education, successful (and not-so-successful, in some cases) implentation and countless hours of brainstorming and strategizing… And I share freely with my business partners.

Feel free to contact me as I do personally respond to questions and friendly chats.  I am all about creating new friendships.  However, when it comes down to business I havespecific criteria in determining whether you are the right person.

Hey, thanks for visiting with me on BetterNetworker. And let me know how can I help YOU.

Dream Enormous,