Recruiting Bootcamp Birthday Special


In this bootcamp you will learn…


"How To Finally CRUSH Your Fear of the Telephone By

 Learning Exactly What To Say To Prospects, How To Say It,

and How To Have The Proper Confidence, Posture, And

Knowledge To Recruit More People Than EVER



Learn the advanced recruiting strategies to find out how to recruit in

the warm market, cold market, AND how to recruit managers,

professionals, and other local leaders


6 Figure Earner Brannon East: "After I plugged my team into your bootcamp, it is growing like WILDFIRE!"


I'll pour out my 18 years experience of being a top recruiter with BOTH online and offline recruiting, and show you exactly how to get your prospects practically begging you to sign them up!

The #1 question most Home Business Owners have is:

 “How do I make more money faster WITHOUT investing more time?”

The answer is simple… though you may not like it.

Are you ready?

Here it is…

Get great at RECRUITING!

And here's some good news…this is a skill set that ANYONE can learn.

Trust me, if I can do it (someone who graduated high school with a 2.0 GPA and never attended college other than 1 year to play football…YOU CAN TOO!


Please answer the following questions:

Do you fear talking to people about your business?
Do you consistently get excuses and objections from your prospects?
Do you know exactly how to help a new member make money immediately?
Do you work too many hours without seeing results?

If you can relate to any of these questions, then it's time to take action and get the ingredients you need to have a breakthrough!

I know how to help you improve your skill level in order to prospect and qualify more people, recruit more, duplicate more… and increase your income… online and offline!




I will share the exact step-by-step approach I used to personally recruit 500 people in one year that duplicated to over 40‚000 people in less than 2 years!

(My bank account also coincidentally went from -$400 in December to earning $11‚240 in January and more than $211‚000 for the year!)

Learn the specific steps to effective recruiting that will increase your profits immediately

Learn the very small difference between enrolling and not enrolling someone.
Learn crazy leverage phrases that get people off the fence and puts them into action. Oh‚ by the way‚ most people are on the fence.
Learn how to build a team of top recruiters with wild duplication.
Learn how to avoid excuses or objections.
Learn how to truly leverage "online attraction marketing" to make money and the biggest mistakes online attraction marketers make.
Learn how to maximize time and energy so you recruit more in less time.
Learn what to do with your new team member once they joined how to get the going fast. Without you being the one to do it.
Learn why 90%+ of the people in a home business are afraid to recruit.
Learn how to crush fear and build confidence and posture to the point where you know you can enroll almost anyone… at will
Learn how to increase the number of qualified prospects you talk to, and decrease the time wasters.
Learn why the success of your new recruit is not predicated on YOU and you’re ability to train them.
Learn how to structure your business so that you have freedom instead of a business that runs you.


"I've Spent Over $100,000 in training products and seminars, but Tom Challan's bootcamp is the BEST!" – Evan Klassen



Here's What You Get When You Become A "Bootcamper"


Skill Booster #1: Weekly "I've Got An Eye On You!" Accountability

At the beginning of every month, you will be prompted to submit you numbers for the week so you can STAY ACCOUNTABLE for your results! In my 20 years in this industry, I have learned that accountability is one of the most important keys to success! 

Here's What I'll Be Keeping You Accountable For:

  • How many hours you spent prospecting
  • How many new recruits you enrolled
  • How many customers you enrolled
  • Any breakthroughs you had
  • And many other things that will help me keep track of your success!

(VALUE: Me personally keeping you accountable, $596)

Skill Booster #2: Four Total LIVE, Strategy Packed, Content 

Delivering, Recruiting OVERHAUL Group Training Calls

You will have access to me for 90 minutes per week of intimate group phone coaching where I interact with Bootcamp students. You will be able to hear my students' most pressing questions and I answer them with EVERYONE so that we all learn something out of the calls! During this call I will role play, coach, trouble shoot and do Q&A as well!

(VALUE: $1600)

Sharpen The Saw: Mp3 Recording Of EVERY Call

You can download the calls to download to your iPod/computer so you can listen to the strategies OVER and OVER so you don't forget anything you learn!

(VALUE: $97)

October 2012 Coaching Dates and Times:

WEEK 1: October 1 – 7thTuesday‚ October 9th – 5 PM PST
WEEK 2: October 8th – 14thTuesday‚ October 16th – 5 PM PST
WEEK 3: October 15th – 21stTuesday‚ October 23rd– 5 PM PST
WEEK 4: October 22nd – 28thTuesday‚ October 30th – 5 PM PST


This Is "Private Coaching" At A DISCOUNT


I currently take private coaching clients for $350 an HOUR (They often buy 5-6 sessions every two months)

This bootcamp gives you access to even MORE intense coaching sessions than my private clients! They would gladly pay over $2,450 for this kind of training, you I'd say you're getting a pretty good deal.


"The cost of the course was worth the FIRST WEEK ALONE"




Price: $297





Price: $197


Don't wait. Bootcamp spots are limited!


The next step is simple…



Because prospects are getting more and more skeptical as time goes by, and you need a STRATEGY and the right set of skills to be able to go out there and start a recruiting wildfire!


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This is the ONLY "In the trenches" training of its kind and you do not want to miss out! The stories from all of my clients on this page should say enough.























































































































































































































































































Benne Clark: "You Don't Need A One Hit Wonder, You Need Someone Who Is Out In The Field TODAY"