In the Internet Age, writing and using Blogs in a powerful marketing strategy for any home based business. Starting a blog is inexpensive and often free. However, there is an investment of time and work to make your blog a success. But if you can dedicate at least a little bit of time to your blog every day, you will find that it eventually becomes effortless to add relevant content that really helps your visitors learn about you, the business, and other topics of great interest.

A blog is fundamentally a web log but it can be thought of as so much more. Blogs are personal websites on which the blog owner has the ability to dynamically post updates. The blog owner can continuously update and post content as much as he or she wants. A blog is very much like your home on the internet. You can think of it as your house, or your church. It is a digital representation of your perspective on the world. And you don’t always have to share very personal details, but you do want to show that you, the blogger, are human, and this will help you build a relationship with the people who come to read about you.

There is virtually no limit to what you can write about in your blog. You can post about your personal life or keep it strictly professional. You might want to consider posting a mixture of your personal and professional life to let people get to know you as a person. The key in all marketing is developing relationships.

You can link your blog to other blogs creating a network and a stronger presence on the internet. Doing this is likely to result in more traffic of prospects to your blog. After reading your blog if a prospect is interested they can seek more information about you and your products on your website. Once on your website they can put their information into your lead capture form and become a self generated lead.

Ultimately, the goal of your blog should be to demonstrate that you have value and to peak the interests on prospects in your home based business. This all starts with one blog – yours.