"You Are About To Learn How You Can Literally Write Your Own Paycheck Using Proven Secrets To Sponsoring New Reps AT WILL, Whether You're Talking To Friends & Family, Cold Leads Or Attraction Marketing Prospects…"

I'll pour out my 18 years experience of being a top recruiter with BOTH online and offline recruiting, and show you exactly how to get your prospects practically begging you to sign them up!

The #1 question most Home Business Owners have is:

 “How do I make more money faster WITHOUT investing more time?”

The answer is simple… though you may not like it.

Are you ready?

Here it is…

Get great at  R E C R U I T I N G!

And here's some good news…this is a skill set that ANYONE can learn.

Trust me, if I can do it (someone who graduated high school with a 2.0 GPA and never attended college other than 1 year to play football…YOU CAN TOO!


Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you fear talking to people about your business?
Do you consistently get excuses and objections from your prospects?
Do you know exactly how to help a new member make money immediately?
Do you work too many hours without seeing results

If you can relate to any of these questions, then it's time to take action and get the ingredients you need to have a breakthrough!

I know how to help you improve your skill level in order to prospect and qualify more people, recruit more, duplicate more… and increase your income… online and offline!


“He is the best recruiter there is. There is no one like him.”
—Dani Johnson

"In my second week of plugging in to the boot camp, I enrolled 8 new people in my business!"

—Jill Walters

"Great Boot Camp call last night!! You were a tremendous help. Last night's call was worth the cost of the entire Boot Camp!! I look forward to next week's call."

Sarah Bailey

"Tom is a strategic component to how I finally made six-figures in the home business industry for the first time!"

—Nate Ridgeway

"My goodness, it was an incredible experience. My focus is much better… I've been able to not only add more people to my team, but see incredible results with the new people as well!"

—Charlotte Zwart

"Tom, thanks for the opportunity to be on your call last night. You are the most amazing coach and trainer that I have ever worked with. I am truly blessed to have you as my coach. I am living proof that your simple system works and has allowed me to build a very successful business from a small town in Tennessee. Y…our bootcamps have helped to create amazing momentum for myself and the other leaders on my team. Thanks Tom! You really are the Real Deal!"

— James Peterson

“After plugging in to Tom’s coaching, my businesses literally tripled in one month and launched me into a Top Enroller position!”

— Rita Canada

“You don't know how amazing it is to learn from someone who has personally recruited 500 people in one year. Tom's training will change your business forever. The nuggets of wisdom he gave me and the skill sets that I have increased with have been phenomenal. Thank you, Tom… for everything you gave me.”

— Elizabeth from Fort Worth, TX

I will share the exact step-by-step approach I used to personally recruit 500 people in one year that duplicated to over 40‚000 people in less than 2 years!

(My bank account also coincidentally went from -$400 in December to earning $11‚240 in January and more than $211‚000 for the year!)

Learn the specific steps to effective recruiting that will increase your profits immediately


Learn the very small difference between enrolling and not enrolling someone.
Learn crazy leverage phrases that get people off the fence and puts them into action. Oh‚ by the way‚ most people are on the fence.
Learn how to build a team of top recruiters with wild duplication.
Learn how to avoid excuses or objections.
Learn how to truly leverage "online attraction marketing" to make money and the biggest mistakes online attraction marketers make.
Learn how to maximize time and energy so you recruit more in less time.
Learn what to do with your new team member once they joined how to get the going fast. Without you being the one to do it.
Learn why 90%+ of the people in a home business are afraid to recruit.
Learn how to crush fear and build confidence and posture to the point where you know you can enroll almost anyone… at will
Learn how to increase the number of qualified prospects you talk to, and decrease the time wasters.
Learn why the success of your new recruit is not predicated on YOU and you’re ability to train them.
Learn how to structure your business so that you have freedom instead of a business that runs you.



The Bootcamp consists of:

  • Weekly Accountability:

Starting at the beginning of the month, you will keep track of your prospecting and recruiting numbers via the worksheet emailed to you.You will submit your weekly stats to me and my team by Monday evening 5pm PST.I will personally hold you accountable to your goal(s) that you want to get out of the class.

(VALUE: $Priceless)

  • 4 LIVE Interactive Coaching Sessions:

You will have access to me for 90 minutes per week of intimate group phone coaching where I interacts with Bootcamp students.During this call I will role play, coach, trouble shoot, listen to the recording of YOUR live dials to prospects and do Q&A.

(VALUE: $1600)

  • MP3 Recording Of Your Bootcamp:

Get an mp3 replay of every call delivered within 24 hours!

(VALUE: $97)


WEEK 1: Feb 27th – March4th Tuesday‚ March 6th – 5 PM PST
WEEK 2: March 5th – 11th Tuesday‚ March 13th – 5 PM PST
WEEK 3:March 12th – 18th Tuesday‚ March 20th – 5 PM PST
WEEK 4: March 19th – 25th Tuesday‚ March 27th– 5 PM PST

I charge $400 per hour for one-on-one coaching.With this Bootcamp, you have access to me for an entire month and over 6 hours of coaching, EASILY a $2400 value!

But instead of $2400, in the interactive group coaching format you will only invest the following amount:


OPTION A: Click Below If You Are A New Client

Price: $297

Don't wait. Bootcamp spots are limited!



OPTION B: Click Below If You Are A Returning Client

Price: $197

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OPTION C: Click Below If You would like to receive the Bootcamp EVERY MONTH for a low monthly payment (cancel anytime)

Price: $147

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“I just enrolled another person thanks to the skills I’m learning and APPLYING from this latest and greatest Bootcamp.”

Nancy Carroll

“The price of Tom’s Bootcamp is worth 10 times what he charges and I hang on every word. He has indirectly he has touched my life and my family’s life. I thank him for his gift!”

— Barry Papo

“Tom, I just want to tell you how much we appreciate you, how much you bless us, and how you do an awesome job. I really admire your boldness and how you do what you feel led to do. I've learned tremendously from that and I know the results will show it in the very near future. Thanks again, Tom. We can feel your heart and we know that you have all the knowledge.”

— Jim from West Belfield, MI

“When I came to Tom Challan, I was brand-new to prospecting with leads. It has been a wonderful, challenging, intense learning experience with him. I love the way he sets out information, encourages us, does the role-playing, gives feedbacks… and focuses on the positive things. My skills have grown, I'm so much more comfortable on the phone, and I know I can do this business.”

— Mert from Tuscan, AZ



We're confident our Teleseminar and Accountability Bootcamp Series will provide you with the improved skills and techniques you expect. If not, contact us with 24 hours of the last live session, and we guarantee 100% of your money back.

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Out of extreme desperation (and depression),I went from -$400 in my checking account in December to earning $11‚240 in January and more than $211‚000 for the year!