Triple Your Sponsoring


Are you frustrated by pitiful recruiting ratios and endless hours working your business?

“ I Know How You Feel… Because I Was Where You Are, Until I Totally, Absolutely Cracked The Code!  You Are About To Discover How You Can Personally Sponsor At Least One Person Every Day, Duplicate That In Your Team, All While Working 20 Hours Or Less Per Week ”

Dear friend,

When I started in the industry 19 years ago… I thought I had the right makeup in myself to be huge in the industry.

Like How Most Serious Network Marketers Started…

My first year in business, I had the conviction,

the passion,

the determination,

good people skills (or so I thought),

work ethic…

however, it wasn’t enough.

For reasons I didn’t understand at the time, I could not sponsor anyone if my life depended on it!

I failed over and over… and over, sponsoring a whopping… THREE people that year.

The year after, the results got a little better, but only because of the sheer number of people I talked to.

My sponsoring ratios did not improve at all.

Fast Forward 10 Years…

I made millions of dollars and became a pretty good recruiter, but nothing like what I learned how to do from January 8th, 2004 to this day.

I learned a higher level psychology that most upline leaders practice but don’t know how to teach… one that transforms the inner game of your recruiting efforts.

The result?

It’s literally like opening the sponsoring floodgate.

It doesn’t matter if you are building through your warm markets, buying leads/co-op shares, or generating your own leads through attraction marketing…


Without recruiting and duplication, you don’t have a business… period.

Over the last several years, I’ve had the blessing to be commonly recognized as one of the top recruiters and trainers in the home business industry with 1000’s of satisfied clients.

Many of these personal coaching clients pay me well over $400 per hour to help them increase their business results.

And now, having coached so many industry leaders over the years, I’ve confirmed my belief that…

1) there are only so many types of people, and

2) there are only so many challenges people face in their home business… such as

  • Poor posture,
  • Having a hard time getting prospects to see the company presentation,
  • Having an outrageous number of ‘no-shows’,
  • Ineffective people skills (yet thinking that you’ve got them),
  • Overselling the prospects (and not even know it),
  • Wasting time, money and energy with unqualified prospects,
  • Don’t know how to overcome objections with simple answers…

all of which, of course, attribute to extremely unsatisfactory sponsoring ratios…

While I still gladly serve those who want to pay for my time for 1-on-1 coaching, I’ve put together my entire recruiting system, “Triple Your Sponsoring,” which contains the same exact information I found myself repeating over and over during 1-on-1 coaching sessions with all of my clients.

It’s literally the A-Z of how to become a master recruiter… the same exact system that allowed me to sponsor 500 in one year, and my teammates to duplicate the effort, that grew our organization to over 40,000 people within two years.

It’s the result of 1 9 years of trials and errors, frustrations… most of which you shouldn’t have to experiment on your own.

Just imagine the hours… possibly hundreds of hours cut out of your learning curve and watch the recruiting ratios go through the roof.

The system contains well over SIX HOURS of training in 4 audio MP3’s.

It’s literally like getting 6 hours of 1-on-1 coaching with me, but at just a fraction of what you would have normally invested to get 6 hours of my time at $400 per hour.

You will be able to instantly access the audios online or download the files into your iPod or favorite MP3 player so you can listen to the training over and over again until everything sinks in.

However, this system is *not* for everyone.

It’s definitely not for someone who –

  • likes talking about what he/she learns rather than applying it
  • already sponsors an average of 5 people per week for 6 consecutive months or longer
  • doesn’t have a desire to become successful in the home business industry
  • already flies on a private jet every trip he/she takes

For many home business entrepreneurs, right now is the do-or-die time in their business… and without the proper guidance, the frustration and disappointment will only keep mounting until it becomes unbearable.

I’d hate to see you or anyone else in that situation.

Only $197.00

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To creating wealth WHILE having a life!


Tom Challan