Tom Challan’s training has quickly taken my business from good to phenomenal with his simple, easy-to-follow system. He has removed all the fluff to help us go straight to RESULTS! Quit wasting time trying to figure it out and contact Tom to get your hands on the map now!

Lynn Plata

I cannot believe I was making my business so hard! After starting with Tom, I went from working 60 hours a week to less than 20 AND I popped into the 6 figure rank!

Jen Springer

I signed up for Tom Challan ‘s training and immediately increased my downline from 2 to 18 people in 2 months. He opened my eyes to what is possible. I can’t even imagine where I’ll be in the next 6 months!

Julie Vance

Before Tom’s coaching, I was feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of growing a team. I was exhausted and frustrated that I couldn’t find the balance I was so desperately looking for with working from home. Since Tom’s training, I have learned a simple system that not only is duplicable, but allows me to leverage my time better…helping me get massive RESULTS working less than before!

Melissa Kibler

This has been an amazing experience!  I’ve learned life changing skills.  I signed up 7 people with ER in last 15 days!!  Feels so good to be part of this team and creating a team on fire!

Karen Reierson

Tom helped me personally enroll 3 people last month with one on my hot list about to enroll this week. Before I started his training I was stressed about enrolling too many people because I didn’t know how to help each of them get started, but now I’m not afraid to enroll a bunch at once!

Tiffany Ewing

Prior to getting started with Tom’s coaching I was stuck in my business and actually going backwards losing members every month! I was at a total loss as to what I should do to turn things around and was feeling frustrated and wondering if I should just give up and quit. Now that I’ve been working with Tom and applying his super simple system I’ve been able to double my paycheck, my team is now growing, and I’ve found new business builders! Tom’s coaching is exactly what I needed to get momentum going in my business. I HIGHLY recommend, if you’re frustrated, losing members every month, at a loss as to what to do, stuck in fear, get yourself plugged into Tom’s system and by all means…GET TO THE NEXT LIVE EVENT! It WILL change EVERYTHING!!!

Terri Ariola

I am so thankful to have found Tom’s new version of the 3 step map because it really makes it easy to take prospects through the process without sounding like the typical salesman! I love how indirect and non pressure the wording is and really makes me feel more comfortable with connecting and sharing my message with others. Thank you Tom and Kim for all that you do!

Aimee-Marie Lipat

This is so incredible! Thank you for the most practical, user friendly, confidence building, effective, business building MAP.. thank you for making my networking needs a Priority! So Blessed.. Taking it to the next phase.

Camellia Morrison

In the first fifteen minutes of my first coaching call with Tom he nailed the reason why my business wasn’t growing.

Sharon Clay